Indian As Apple Pie

Indian Street Food

July 14, 2009
Written by Anupy Singla

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For any of you that have been to India you know how amazing the food is on the streets. Granted you eat at your own peril, but it is so worth it. You can read all about my favorites in a piece that I wrote which will be published in the food section of the Chicago Sun-Times Wednesday, July 15. What I wanted to do was take well known street foods like chana chaat (garbanzo beans) and aloo ki tikki (potato pattie) and show you how you can make them very easily at home. We didn't have room in the...

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The Experiment

July 13, 2009
Written by Anupy Singla

I'm not big into blogs, but I feel like the experiment that I've been conducting in my house over the last three years is worth sharing. My subjects are my two girls, now aged 6 and 4. Three years ago when I was struggling trying to balance motherhood with work and everything else that comes along with life, I stopped for a moment to think about where I was really headed. Yes, I loved work. I was the morning reporter for CLTV in Chicago and had been a business reporter previously for Bloomberg News, WGN and other stations. But, it...

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