In Stores

Thank You to my Indian As Apple Pie Village. I began in 2015 with a simple idea - to provide those who love my cookbooks with authentic and quality Indian ingredients. I began with one store - the Whole Foods in Lincoln Park, Chicago. I still remember personally dropping off cases of my products stuffed in the back of my 2004 white (now slightly grey) SUV. It got harder to do that once we reached Milwaukee - but I made that drive personally. That personal touch, to me, is what matters most. Now, five years later and with the help of my distributor, Fortune Fish & Gourmet, Indian As Apple Pie products are on more shelves in more states than ever. from Illinois to Wisconsin to Minnesota and Missouri, our goal is to be the #1 provider of Indian products in the Midwest. We need your help now more than ever. Below, you'll find the stores that carry our products and which products each store carries. We offer over two dozen items! We've listed the phone number to the stores' customer service desks. Call them and 'thank' them for supporting Indian As Apple Pie. If you have a favorite store and it's not yet on the list, head in there and tell their customer service desk about us. Get a name and email, send it to me at, and I'll follow up. It's as easy as that! 


Whole Foods
Whole Foods Lincoln Park
1550 N. Kingsbury St. (312) 587-0648
(They sell the entire Indian As Apple Pie line of products)
Most of our products are in the International Aisle, while our spices and spice blends are in the Spice Aisle

Whole Foods Lakeview
3201 N. Ashland Ave. (773) 224-4200
(Garam Masala, Yellow Split Moong, Chaat Masala, Punjabi Masala)

Whole Foods South Loop
1101 S. Canal St Ste 107 (312) 435-4600
(Tamarind Chutney, Punjabi Masala)

Whole Foods Kildeer 
20281 Rand Rd. (847) 726-4601
Stop in or call the customer service desk and thank them, this location put just about our entire line of sauces, lentils, and spices on the shelf.  If you want something and can't find it, let them know and they can bring it in. 

Whole Foods Sauganash
6020 N. Cicero Ave (773) 205-1100
(Tikka Masala)

Whole Foods Hyde Park
5118 S. Lake Park Ave (773) 819-1600
(Garam Masala, Red Chile Powder, Mustard Seed)

Whole Foods West Loop
1 N. Halsted St (312) 207-8400
(Tamarind Chutney, Yellow Split Moong, Whole Black Chickpeas)

Whole Foods Edgewater
6009 N. Broadway (773) 506-7600
(Tikka Masala)

Whole Foods Green Bay Road
2748 Green Bay Rd. (847) 424-5700
(Tikka Masala)

Whole Foods Willowbrook
6300 Kingery Hwy. (630) 655-5000
(Tamarind Chutney, Pigeon Peas, Yellow Split Moong, Whole Black Chickpeas, Whole Black Gram)

Whole Foods Naperville
2607 W. 75th St. (630) 579-7700
(Tikka Masala)

Whole Foods Hinsdale
500 E. Ogden Ave. (630) 986-8500
(Tamarind Chutney)

Whole Foods Elmhurst
215 S. IL Rte. 83 (630) 993-7600
(Tandoori Masala)

Whole Foods Wheaton
89 Danada Square East (630) 588-1500 
(Tamarind Chutney, Tikka Masala, Punjabi Masala)

Fresh Marketplace

Fresh Market Place
5020 W. Fullerton Ave. (773) 637-7436
(Tamarind Chutney, Punjabi Masala)

Local foods
Local Foods - Public Market
1427 W. Willow (312) 432-6575
(Garam Masala, Tikka Masala)

Rogers Park Provisions
6928 Glenwood Ave. 
(773) 999 5943
(Chana Masala, Tamarind Chutney)
Provisions Uptown
4812 N. Broadway (773) 944-0978
(Tandoori Masala, Garam Masala)

Eastside Food Co-op, Inc.
2551 Central Ave. NE. (612) 788-0950
(Tandoori Masala, Chaat Masala, Kala Namak, Garam Masala, Chana Masala, Tamarind Chutney, Tamarind Puree)

Wedge Community Co-op
2105 Lyndale Ave S. (612) 871-3993
(Tamarind Puree)

Grocery Wedge Co-op
2105 Lyndale Ave S. (612) 871-3993

GROC Linden Hills Co-op
3815 Sunnyside Ave. (612) 922-1159

Green Scene Organic Market
617 Michigan Avenue West Walker (218) 547-2880
(Chaat Masala, Punjabi Masala, Yellow Split Moong)

Whole Foods Milwaukee
2305 N Prospect Ave (414) 223-1500
(Punjabi Masala, Tamarind Chutney, Tandoori Masala)

The Grand Geneva Resort & Spa
7036 Grand Geneva Way (855) 516-1090
(Tikka Masala, Tamarind Chutney)

Ski’s Oshkosh
Wagner’s Meat Market
502 N. Main St. Oshkosh WI 54901 (920) 230-6328
(Chana Masala, Tikka Masala, Punjabi Masala)

Woodlake Market
795 Woodlake Rd. Kohler (920) 457-6570
(Tamarind Puree)