Haldi Achaar: Quick, Easy Pickled Turmeric

May 10, 2016

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No doubt, the hottest spice these days is Turmeric. Warm, earthy, bold in flavor. Healthy for you. But how do you actually eat it? And why should you really? 

Turmeric is a natural anti-inflammatory. In the most basic sense, think of how you feel when you wake up with a sore throat. It hurts to swallow. The tissue in your throat is swollen. 

The curcumin in turmeric helps fight the infection and inflammation. 

A very easy way to get fresh turmeric into your day? Pickle it! 

You can find fresh turmeric now in many specialty grocers. In Chicago, I head to Devon Ave. to Fresh Farms International Market or to Whole Foods Market. Grab a bunch, wash it, and peel. Use gloves - my hands were stained yellow for days after this recipe. I typically use a paring knife to peel to make sure I only scrape off the peel You can also find white turmeric, I prefer this beautiful yellow-orange variety for pickling. 

Slice it in matchsticks and put in a glass container with a lid. I also add sliced ginger and/or green chile peppers as you can see in the last shot above. 

Add 1/2 teaspoon of salt and juice of 1 lemon. Add more if you like. 

Secure the lid and store in fridge for 6 days. Be sure to shake it in between so that the turmeric does not dry out. 

You can eat it as is, or with a plate of Indian food. You can also add to sandwiches and in salads. It's a fun, delicious way to enjoy your turmeric a day! This will last up to a month refrigerated. 

We've been eating a piece every morning and once at night in our house. The kids too. The lemon juice does a lot to balance out the strong, earthy taste from the turmeric. Don't be afraid to let your kids try it! 

Enjoy! xoxo Anupy



Anupy Singla
Anupy Singla


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